about maneck jewels

Dhiresh K Maneck challenged the industry by opening the first only diamond jewellery showroom in Chennai 20 years at a time when in conservative South India only gold jewellery prevailed. Now 20 years later as the next generation were to enter the business it was time for another challenge.

It is said that "Navratna" or 9 gems which are Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, blue sapphires, yellow sapphire, coral and cats eye, hessonite and pearls are the precious gems of the world. Although precious in the gemmological and mythological sense not all of them are rare and neither are they a valuable asset. The challenge now is to stand above the crowd and distinguish the rare collectible articles from the ones commercially available.

We at Maneck jewels are "fiercely purist". Not only do we like precious gems but we like them collectible and rare so that they stand out in the crows, are an asset which appreciates in value, and after all its for the special someone so it has to be extraordinarily special.

In every Maneck Jewels piece emphasis is on the diamond and other gem stones. we are not fixated with the latest designs. As these designs phase out very quickly. Diamonds never go out of fashion. A pigeons blood red Burmese ruby ring will be awed and admired for generations. You don't need to worry about the design being outdated when flaunting such articles.

Lastly we are all about making a statement and creating an impression. Diamonds jewellery is valueless if the diamonds can barely be seen or only seen up-close . We are obsessed with size because honestly size does matter. We don't make diamond jewelry just for namesake. In all our pieces every gem stands-out, helping bring out the beauty of the design and the woman adorning it.

So all in all if you are looking for something rare but don't know what it is or for something extraordinary please make an appointment at Maneck Jewels.